Hitachi VK Series Cameras
For Sale & Wanted

ModelOptical Zoom     Format     IR Cut Filter   Qty.
VK-U174       10x      NTSC          No     1
VK-S914       16x      NTSC          No     1
VK-S234       22x      NTSC          No     1
VK-S274       22x      NTSC          No     1
VK-S274R       22x      NTSC          No     1
VK-S434R       18x      NTSC         Yes     1
VK-S454R       23x      NTSC         Yes     1
VK-S454ER       23x       PAL         Yes     2

All the cameras listed above have the same physical size except for the VK-U174.The photo below shows the comparison between the two sizes. The small one is the VK-U174.