Hitachi VK Series Cameras
For Sale & Wanted

  • View Manager 96 Enhanced Touch Tracker $25.00
  • American Dynamics AD2083-02A Code Translator. $40.00 USD
  • American Dynamics AD2096A Alarm Interface Unit $40.00 USD
  • American Dynamics AD2150 Video Matrix Switcher/Controller System
    For use with the AD2150 Matrix Switcher. Newer computers will not work. IBM 25P4983 05 motherboard with Celeron 566 CPU/Fan, 256MB PC133 Ram. Includes 720MB IBM Laptop Hard drive with Clean Dos 6.21 install. Hard drive has adapter to fit standard drive bay. Includes MSDos 6.21 3.5" Floppy purchased NOS used once. Does not include Power Supply or Case or Floppy drive. $80.00

Wanted Items

  • American Dynamics Ultra VIIE (RAS917LSE)
  • American Dynamics Ultra VIIE (RAS917WLSE) all white
  • American Dynamics CPU board (0300-1548-01/02-B)
    Must have Firmware Version 0710-0532-0100
  • Hitachi VK-S654R NTSC camera
  • Hitachi VK-S454R NTSC camera
  • Hitachi VK-U174 NTSC camera
  • Command Codes for Hitachi VK-S214R (NTSC)